NFL Betting Lines and Football Odds

If you want the best NFL betting lines, visit our sponsors and enjoy sports wagering online, from
the comfort of your own home.

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. NASA prides itself in their high limits ($100,000 per game) and their sterling
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If you would like to risk less to win more, then Parlays are
the bet for you. A parlay is just a collection of straight bets.

The trick is that all of the straight bets must win for you to win your bet, however the pay
out is much better.

The number of teams that you put in your parlay decides how
much you can win.

In Football or Basketball the payouts are set, but if you
add in money lines then the payouts vary.

Lets say that you bet $100 on the Jets to win;(remember the
juice on a straight bet is 10%) you risk $110 to win $100. Then you bet another
$100 on the Cowboys; again you risk $110 to win $100. Ok you have $220 dollars
to win $200, if you had bet that same $200 in a 2 team parlay you could win
$520 dollars!

Placing Parlays

First select the appropriate sport, then make sure to click on the ‘Parlay’
selection box. Now you can proceed to select the sides and totals you want to
wager. Your selection can be between two (2) and ten (10) teams. Now write the
amount of the wager and click on ‘Submit’. Your bet is now waiting to be confirmed.

To confirm the bet, verify the amount you are wagering, you can also change
it if you wish. To do, go to risk amount field, and enter the new wager amount,
the new Lays/Gets amounts will be shown in the next screen. Once the wagering
amount is correct, Enter your password in the space provided and click ‘Confirm’.
Once you click the ‘Confirm’ button then the bets displayed are confirmed.

Here, those bets confirmed will appear with the status ‘Accepted’, if any line
changed, the message will appear in the same space. Only the bets with the status
‘Accepted’ will be honored. Those with any other status have to be re-entered
If you have enter a wrong Password on confirmation screen it will prompt you
Saying that your password is wrong and to try Again!! Then you have to press
the “Back” button of your browser and re-enter your password correctly.
Only when you enter the correct password on the confirmation screen, the plays
will be confirmed.

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